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Does anyone know how many cupcakes the Wilton tall tier cake stand holds. I have to make 250 cupcakes. If need be I will get the 4 arm base that can be use with the stand.TIA
I use pearl dust and lemon extract. I mixed the two together to make a paint texture and then paint the piece. You may have to paint it more than once, depending on how deep you want the color.
You can order these from Sweet Celebrations. Their website is Also most cake supply stores sell them.
This makes two from a west suburb of Chicago, IL.
I use the all crisco buttercream and have added all types of flavoring to it. It comes out very tasty. I know adding clear vanilla and clear butter flavoring will keep the icing white. I don't know if other flavors will add a tint to the icing, because when I use other flavors like lemon, pineapple I color my icing to match.
This has happen to me. Fortunately there was a hump where it split and I just leveled it ( cut it off). Depending on how many servings you need, you may want to make a 11 x 15 cake and sit the cross cake on top.
I use sizes 16, 12, and 8 for the top tier. The 16 and 12 will feed 156 guest.
I'm doing a frozen buttercream transfer and the picture has some highlights in it. I was thinking about using luster dust for the highlights. Is this possible?TIA
My printer just died and I was wondering if anyone knows if I take the picture to a grocery store or a bakery that does edible images, if they would print it for me and sell it?TIA
This was my first time doing a whimiscal cake and when I got to my destination the top two layers of the bottom tier had slide apart from the bottom layer. I was able to kind of put it back together again, but when it got cut, the dowels were all leaning to the side. It was filled with fresh strawberries. Could that have been the problem? I did put a layer of buttercream first than the strawberries than a strawberry preserves. I do this so the top layer has something to...
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