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I'm wondering if it is possible to spread it over lace and peel it off after it has cured? You could, but you would get a rather flat pattern with the reverse bumps in it. Usually this is used to pipe on wax paper or parchment and then peeled off and placed on the cake. All you need is the mix and a piping bag. If you're not comfortable with doing it freehand, you can place a picture underneath the wax paper to copy over.Also, how do decorators replicate the lace on...
You can add Tylose powder to RI to get GP. You can also add gum tex to fondant to make GP. If you mix fondant and GP you get a 50% mix that is good for beginning flowers, because it doesn't dry as fast as GP and gives you more time to work with it.
I would go with Sugar Shack on that one. Cakes tend to compress after sitting for a few hours, especially once you add the weight of fondant. Make sure you're using a cake that is stiff enough to hold it.
Of course, I'm thinking you're putting the biggest cakes on top, and getting smaller as you go down. Is that what you meant??
If it's really large, I would put a pole screwed to the base up through the middle. You also should make sure the board under each tier is strong- like foam core instead of cardboard.
Americolor Super Red is the best for getting a real red. Christmas red is actually lighter than No Taste Red. Wilton does make a "Red Red" that is a little better if you can find it. Americolor works best though with a lot less coloring. If you can't get that for now though, use your "No Taste Red" and let it set for a while, like they said. That and black do get darker as they sit.
I always use the Wilton recipe, but sometimes when it's really rainy out, it can be like chocolate- very difficult! You can try mixing it a little thick and letting it sit for a while, or add a very little bit of water at a time to thin it. I would definitely let it sit for a while before using it to see what it's doing. Good luck!
Sounds cool. I would use gray RI on the windows and put colored piping gel over the window pieces for the stained glass. Or maybe gelatin pieces cut to fit and RI over them? Either would look good. Gelatin would be easier to cover edges with RI.
I would make sure that your dam of icing inside isn't too big, since the weight of the cake and fondant on top of it is probably pushing it out. I always make sure that I do mine a little bit back from the edge so that it has room to spread when I stack the next layer. HTH!
I know how to make stringwork, but I don't know how to make floating collars where the RI pieces stand up on the cake with just stringwork. You obviously have to hold it up somehow and then add strings and remove what's holding it up? Any ideas?
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