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So I have 13 cakes to make for June 23rd. But I'm starting now with the planning and whatnot and design concepts.I had one idea and well I changed it haha typical me So...I'm curious. What I want to do is take chocolate "strips" and place them on the cake sides. Not to completely cover it to make it like a striped cake. Choc frosting with White chocolate "stripes" and vise versa. Is there a trick to getting the chocolate NOT to break like adding something into the...
Thats the thing, I dunno the flavors for the cakes. Thats what I need.haha im gettin there I"ve got some. But the cakes have to have a BC it regular or chocolate BC. so like a carrot cake...doesnt work very well with a BC frosting.
haha its 13 separate cakes!
Hi guys, i <3 this site. Its been such a help and inspiration.And now I need just a wee bit more help on this one.Order: 13 differently flavored cakes. Problem: Frosting needs to be either buttercream or choc.buttercream.o.O the buttercream can be flavored but the consistancy and color needs to remain ivory/white and chocolate. I've got a few, written down...but i think they are in my car. I know I know...strange place right?! haha ThanksNikki
I know decisions decisions! I guess the first issue is, if she WANTS fondant. I hope this isn't going to be the cakes from H3LL.... 13 isn't a lucky number hahaha But I'm recruiting my good friend Andrew! YIPPPIE!NEVER judge a book by its cover! haha The metal singer with a passion for baking! YAY ME! lucky find(and he cooks)Ladies ..he's actually STRAIGHT!
Sara,I'm actually in maple but N.Olmsted is only like a 30min trip via freeway. Ill have to take a trip out there Thanks a ton!And a new cake store! BONUS Oh my then it would be a bit of a hefty price tag to buy all satin ice for 13 9" round cakes. .....well guess i have some math to be doing! Math and mixing. Thanks guys!Been a HUGE HUGE help
HEY HEY new Question as I hijack my own threat How much fondant does it usually take to cover a 9" round double layer cake?
wow you guys are quick! hahaOk I'll give MMF one more shot, (ive got 2 months to work my fondant issues out haha) or try the others. I've heard people talk about Satin Ice ...i might give that one a shot first. Thanks tons guys!!! *HUGS*
Ya know I KNOW this has all been asked before somewhere on here, i just cant seem to find it since search wants to be mean to me. Or I'm just dumb..both good possibility Anyways, I've got a tall order to fulfill and shes lookin to have 13 cakes all look exactly alike (all different flavors too!) Well I DESPISED with a PASSION the wilton fondant. So i've VERY weary of it. and the MMF I dunno if i'm too keen on that either. I think one bad experience has just followed me...
I just got asked to make various cakes for a birthday dinner to accomadate 150 people. FUN! no really Im looking forward to it. My question is, do you guys ever charge to deliver the cakes?
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