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Thank you so much!!!Your cake is lovely, no wounder it´s in many peoples fav´s! Im so happy when the template comes to use! /Anna
And... stellastarchild ... are those the baby converses you're talking about? If so, those are so completely adorable I can hardly stand it. You have a template?? You're willing to share?? If so, I'd love to have it. Then all I have to do is wait around for someone to have a boy!! He He Yes, the template, pictures and a written instruction can be found in my gallery! If something is unclear, don´t hesitate to ask for help. (I made them for a girl... )
I know the feeling! My first 2 cakes were more or less copies, had no clue that people could be offended but now I´ve learned that it might be the case.I´ve made a pair of Converses that has been copied many times by members in here and I´m happy and proud every time I see them, someone like what I´ve did! Wiiii! If they mention that they are from my template it´s nice but not a "must"./Anna
That depends on the template. Can you post it here?
That would be my price too for a "simple" cake like this one, and if I really liked her I´d offer a small discount.
Hm, hard to choose one... I really enjoyed doing all of the ones with pepole/animals on, but I think most of all theese ones:
I love it! And my daddy would too, he´s a huge fan of Homer Can I steal your idea someday in the future?
Thank you all for your help!!! I absolutely LOVE this site! I´m so happy I found it (but my husband wouldn´t agree, it steels a lot of time... )
Hi!I´m a happy beginner in this area and I just bought a Wilton cake pan. It says not to grese it with butter, but why? Shorteing, is that a low fat vegetable kind of butter? (I´m Swedish, the English I lerned in school never coverd bakinginstructions!
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