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Yes, I have also been asked that same question. I also said no. I have to be completely by myself when I decorate cakes. I have no idea why I have to be by myself, but I have always been that way since I started decorating. I can cook while other people are around, but not when I am decorating.
I know exactly how you feel. I am feeling the same as you. I am going to get out of the decorating business, for some reason I have lost what it takes to decorate. But just take a few days off and you will feel different.Take care.
I had it, and I let it get so bad that I had to have surgery first on the right hand then a few weeks later in my left hand.Mine was from the decorating bags, but since I had the surgery I have not had any problems.My doctor told me to use a glove that has the fingers cut off, and I bought it and used it for awhile but then I quit using them.
I agree with all of the other posts.I had a lady call me yesterday and told me she needed a cake for this Saturday, and wanted me to do her cake.I just told her NO, to short of time to do the cake.Good luck to you what ever way you decide to go.
I have always baked my cakes at 300, and everybody raves how good, and how moist they are. I am the kind of person that if it's not broken, don't fix it. So I have never baked any higher than 300.
OMG, I thought I had heard everything, boy was I ever wrong, this bride really has some nerve. It always amazes me what people will do. I also am glad you stood your ground.
Been off for awhile, does anybody know why the cake pictures aren't on the front page, or is it my computer? If it's not my computer: Are they going to be put back on the front page? Thanks in advance for any information.
Cong. on your recipe being published.
These were so funny. I haven't done anything like these yet. Really made my day. Thanks for sharing.
I am so glad you asked that question because I need the answer also.
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