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I have had very little experience with fondant, but I have done some cut out and have used water or vanilla on back to make the cut outs stick. Best of luck on your cake
I don't know about sugarpaste gel but Wilton makes coloring just for coloring white chocolate
Getting ready to airbrush a Army theme cake (1st one) but I am not sure do I airbrush brown or green first. Hope this makes sense, I'm not up to snuf on the airbrushing. Thanks for any and all help
I wouldn't make a new one when you have a VERY NICE cake already
Hello and Welcome JaJay, I'm from Jonesborough, Tennessee and Cake Central is the only place to be for all your cake decorating needs. The CC family is just an AWESOME group and sooooo helpful
A question for those that have tried the WASC cake recipe, is it a moist cake. Thanks so much
AnaB4, I did one I think something like your talking about, it's in my photos on page 2. If I can be of any help just let me know
PieceofCakeAZ, that's just to funny, not to make light of the situation but who says Cracker Jacks is the only thing with a prize inside. Surely there is a lot number somewhere on that container that can get close to whoever packaged it
I would store them in frig, and I use the same buttercream recipe as you and have found that if I put the sprinkles on just as soon as I ice them they will stick better, hope this helps
No advice, but that sounds like an awful lot for 200 bucks. Best of luck to ya and look forward to seeing the cake
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