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I noticed the same thing right off the bat. Someone did not want to let one star go to waste. And the blue field is larger than the stripes. I do see that the blue field is higher than the rest of the flag/base cake, so it appears to me there is a triangle of cake or rkt under it.
I think it is less likely oil from the cake and more likely the oil from the buttercream. I can't imagine any way that oil blended in cake batter and baked into a cake is going to seep out. Now, if your cake pops are made with cake crumbs that are glued together with buttercream as the bonding agent, it is most likely the oil from THAT buttercream that is seeping. I speak from experience, because I have made baked cake balls, coated with candy-coating, and had no oil...
I cant' wait to use my MM onlay.
I wish you all the best! Make sure to post a pic when you're done so we can see how they came out.
As a hobby baker, the only money I've ever accepted was to cover costs. There have been times where I was given gift cards to WalMart or Michael's, but no profit, as I have no overhead and never presented myself as a pro. However, that does not mean that I do not strive for the highest quality. Just because I am not a pro, does not mean that I should not have high standards. Regardless of the recipient or the occassion / reason, I always try to present professional quality...
This is exactly what I was thinking when I read the original post. It is very easy for markers to press in too deep when used on soft fondant. I have a feeling this is what happened.
Don't be discouraged, NikkiHino. I am a hobby baker and make cakes for friends, relatives, coworkers, friends of friends, etc. This site is for everyone. No one here, except for Jakie, can tell anyone they don't belong and should not participate in this community. We learn from each other, and our skills develop with practice, encouragement, and coaching from veterans and pros. It is one thing for a member to give constructive criticism, it's another for members to go so...
I found ball tools marketed for fondant and cake decorating were priced higher than the same tools marketed for clay. So I purchased a set in the clay isle at Michael's and I love them.
I highly recommend practicing. Please don't wait until you are working on your ordered cake. By the time you are ready to make and decorate that cake it will take confidence to have a steady hand.
Looks like strings of fondant pearls wrapped around the cake. I have seen molds that have multiple rows, but this looks to me they are single fondant strands.
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