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Sugar Delites ( Jennifer Dontz) carries it. They have it in different colors and it is reasonable. It is a yard strip 4 inches wide. Plastic. You just cut off what you want.
I thought I had put the picture and directions in my favorite file but now I can't find it. Can someone tell me how to find it again? I've typed in every description I can think of into the search but can't come up with it.
Hexagon shaped cake with sides decorated for each and a birthday decor on top. I did this for my son's interests on 40th birthday and on a wedding cake for the bride and groom's interests. I got many compliments on both cakes.
I got some big straws at Bed Bath and Beyond.
My sister just called and said her ex daughter-in-law will be calling me about making angelfood cupcakes for my grand niece's wedding. I am new to cupcake making. Do you make angelfood cupcakes? Can you bake them ahead and freeze them to decorate later? What do you usually frost them with? Would Bettercream work because they think buttercream is too sweet?Or, Should I just be busy babysitting my own grandkids that weekend?
Yes, you can but one 9x13 against another 9x13 to make a larger sheet cake. About 1/2 of my cakes are sheet cakes 1/2 sheet to full sheet size that I have butted two cakes together because many of my customers want 2 different flavors in one large cake. I always torte them too. Like the others have said, a strong board underneath is a must.I would also support the soccer ball cake with straws just to be on the safe side.
I get mine at Michaels most of the time and I have gotten a box a couple times this last month. I did get the last box the last time and haven't checked if they've gotten anymore.
Not only does my Walmart now have the new smaller mix from DH but they raised the price so it is higher than the larger mix was. So much for making the mix smaller so the price wouldn't have to be raised. I bought some Pillsbury too and thought it tasted just as good.
I absolutely love the Amazing Mold Putty that I get at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I have made a couple shoe boxes full of molds. I use jewelry, magnets, erasers, buttons, scrapbook supplies, Christmas ornaments for miniature trees. You are limited only by your imagination. I make my own lace molds and rope and border trim molds with it too I made molds of the small Christmas people figures for a cake a couple years ago.Every time I get hold of a 50% coupon I buy...
I was looking at my Oriental Trading catalogue and saw these play sets for rubber duckies. I thought they would make cute stands for a dozen or so cupcakes. I bought 3 of the 4 and have posted them in my photos with reg size cupcake papers set on them. The castle will hold the most.What do you think? I'm not into cupcakes so I don't know if you experts think they would be sturdy enough. They are made of foamcore board. $8.00 a piece.
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