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Is there any way we can see the video please :) My aunt wants me to make one for her and I have never made one before. Thank You
Just finished covering my son's 2 tier cake with black fondant and will hopefully finish decorating it tomorrow morning. He wanted a pokemon black birthday. Will be beginning a mermaid cake for my niece on Sunday.
sorry can't seem to attach the picture
My now 5 year old son loves Tom and Jerry and asked for the Tom and Jerry cake he saw in my Debbie Brown book. It was a challenge but how could I say no to him saying " I know you could do it." My husband helped by making Jerry for me out of fondant and I made Jerry out of RKT. He also suggested making Tom's eyes different and added whiskers to it (which made the cake extra special to me because he became involved). The cake bulged a little due to the fact that I used...
Hi,Congratulations on being featured in the newspaper! Just finished voting for you. Best of luck to you. Linda
We have 1 food truck in town that I know of. They sell Hawaiian food. However, the city where my husband works have them all over the place!You have your basic hot dog trucks to the gourmet lunch trucks.
Hi,I'm working on a one tier baptism cake for my godson tomorrow. Will be pulling an all nighter since I didn't bake ahead.Linda
great! thanks!I have been wanting to try this brand. This was a great opportunity to do so
Hi,Thank you for your help! I have some edible images of Tom and Jerry for my son's cupcakes and wanted to make sure I could put them on the bettercreme. LindaP.S. Love your cancer awareness cake. The different ribbons on top was a beautiful idea.
Hi,This is the first time I use edible images. The directions state that buttercream is best but you can basically use any icing. I wanted to know if it was a good idea to use them on Rich's Bettercreme.Thank you for your help.Linda
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