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k i did the no fail sugar cookie recipe from CC to a t. and they taste like flour.... i didnt forget anything and didnt do too much anything.... does anyone have a good sugar cookie recipe that they would like to share? thanks!
what is the difference between fondant, marzipan, and gumpaste? is there specific times you would use each one?
how much do you charge by slice for a party cake (birthday, christmas, ect) compared to a wedding cake? And are shower cakes whether it be baby or wedding are they priced as a wedding or party cake? What are some of your prices per slice for party/wedding cake? (before decoration)Thanks!
k- i could use some creative thinking.... the mother is doing a circus theme with the circus colors... however... it is for a girl and she wants pink incorporated to make it look more girly.... this woman is going all out ($$$) and i dont want it to be chinsy with the pink sticking out like a sore thumb.... ive been racking my brain all day... the only thing i can come up with is making the clown outfits pink with yellow or green or blue or red polka dots. Any other...
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