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Looks awesome! I have an airbrush, but have never used it (someone gave it to me), so I'm not evens sure how to use it! Maybe I'll try with out the wrapper!
This is awesome! Thanks!!
my sons birthday is coming up and I really would like to do the Reeses pb cup....any suggestions on how to do the ribbed chocolate?
Thanks! The bride found one, thank goodness
Thanks so much!
Does anyone know where I can find this? I'm trying to help a bride out...
to me, he kind of looks like a turtle...
So, I did the cake and am I out of practice!! I couldn't find my sports ball pan, so I used the doll pan. I rolled out the neck with fondant, made the head, put the dowel through, then put a party hat on top of his head. I put orange spots on his back (he was green). He was sitting on top of a 10" cake that I used the grass tip to make it look like he was sitting in grass. It came out...just ok to me, I need to get back in the swing of things and do this stuff again!
will do!
Thank you so much!!! I so appreciate it!
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