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I have a bride that wants her buttercream cake to be sparkly. Any ideas for what I can use that will work the best?
I have to make a groom's cake with a large golf tee and golf ball. Any idea how to make the golf tee?
I have to do a wedding cake with colors silver and pink. The customer wants silver swirls on sides of cake. The cake icing is buttercream. Any ideas what I should use for the silver? Thanks.
Beautiful cakes and presentation. Don't hesitate to give her another bill for the balance of the work and effort.
That happened to me one time...but it was a birthday cake. They called wanting to know when they could pick up. Oops!! Party was in two hours. It was a bowling cake. I made, cooled, and decorated and delivered right before they needed it. That is too much pressure... but my real horror is forgetting a wedding!! I can really feel for you!! Great save.
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