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I know how to make pretty much everything in a full bakery, and have done some reasearch on where to get some food supplies. Packaging would be easier with just cupcakes, only one kind.
I am wanting to start a business. I'm debating on whether I should open a full service bakery or just do cupcakes. Both business ideas are appealing to me. What are your opinions on each? I would love to be open by the end of the year.
Okay thank you. I will get right to that. But just a estimate what would be the minimum amount needed, just so I have a starting point to draw the plan
I'm looking into buildings that I can use to open a bakery, and am wondering about how big should it be? I'm needing enough space for a kitchen and space upfront for a couple of display cases. Thanks in advance.
I was thinking of starting a mail order cookie busniess. I have my uncle that would help. I would be renting a kitchen from someone just until I got the means to get my own kitchen. I was wondering if this sounded like a good idea.
I will be making a cake in the shape of a coconut next month and am trying to figure out how to get the hairy like look that coconuts have. Can anyone give me a suggestion in how to do this?
I got an airbrush for christmas, and I am having a little trouble using it. Does anyone have any tips and/or tricks to using one?
My sister and her friend are having a dance club themed birthday party in less then a month, and I got stuck with decorating the cake. But I can't think of anything to do for the cake.The cake is a full sheet cake, and they want the colors to be hot pink, neon green, and purple. Any ideas would be very helpful.
I'm going to be doing my first wedding cake in a year, and I was wondering what questions I should ask so i can get a good grasp on what they want?
I wish I could go. But unfortunely I have no money. And being in college doesn't help either.
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