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Thanks. I will try finding a GF blend near me. I wanting to offer GF cupcakes when I open my cupcake shop in the near future. Plus now I can my mom birthday cakes without worrying if she will react it to it.
I'm hoping to open a cupcake shop sometime in the near future. I'm having a hard time deciding on how many flavors to offer on any given day. I'm going to have three flavors constant and switch the other flavors daily or weekly. I have a list of flavors that I want to offer and that I'm currently testing.
See if there are any incubator kitchens near you or ask local restaurants and churches if you can rent theirs.I was going to do this but no one near would really let me and I don't have space to build a kitchen. So I'm just going to open a store front, hopefully in a space where a restaurant used to be.
Does anyone have any good gluten free cake recipes?
Wrote a business plan outline today. Hoping I can look at the rental space this week and start moving forward with this project. Would to be open by the end of the year, or at least by March when my town has a chocolate festival so I can participate.
Best thing would be to rewhip it with some more bettercreme. You could also use a spatula or bench scraper dipped in warm water to get it smooth.I had to use bettercreme in culinary school and I can't stand the stuff. It dries out pretty quickly, you have to constantly rewhip it and I don't like the feel it left when eaten. So I prefer to stay away from it.
I'm looking to open a store front that sales mainly cupcakes. But I have an idea on the size of cupcake to sell. Should I stck with the traditional size that people make at home? Or would that be too small and I should go a bit bigger?
I hope I didn't come as rude when I said that. I meant in a joking manner. I live in Bowling Green
Hey not all of us on here are gals
I use the wilton tip mentioned by MrsJM3. that way the hole left isn't that big. then pipe on some frosting
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