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I'm dealing with the same thing as you. The best option for me is to open a store front. Since there are no incubator kitchens in my area, within reasonable driving distance, and most people with commercial kitchens are a little put off at thought of having someone who isn't an employee in their kitchen.
If your business is going well, why not just move into a commercial kitchen space with room for consultation(?) and pick ups. Unless, you like baking from home.
I planning on doing this but sending them with my mom to work and suppling comment cards. This way its more constant between, answering the same questions, and easier for me to read
For those who have a cupcake businesses, does being at a food show and passing out samples help increase business? There is a chocolate festival coming up in March that I hope to be able to go to but was wondering if its worth the trouble of making all the samples to pass out.
I wasn't going to ice them until I was ready to put them out for sale. Nothing I make is going to be iced until they are about to brought to the front.
It should only have a hint of chocolate flavor. The cocoa powder was orignally added to give it a red flavor when it was combined with the acid, buttermilk or vinger. Since then we gained food colorings and cocoa powder as taken the role of flavorant and passed the coloring torch to food dyes.
I'm of you on wanting to starting a cupcake business. I was helping someone strt a business and was in the middle of writing a business plan, when they bailed out. Plus I've taken a business class that was specific to the food industry. I've not actually ran a business yet myself, but have a bit of knowledge, as well as I'm continuing gaing business through school. And there are always small organizations and people thaty would help in seting up the framework of a business.
I was planning on havin seperate items for gluten free baking, unless it can be easily and safely sanitized. Plus I was planning on doing all gluten free baking before any non-gluten free baking takes place. On that note, would it be bad to bake a whole bunch of GF cupcakes and freeze them to pull out and frost later?g
The only cupcake place in town sales average sized cupcakes with a ton of frosting. No one really seems to like that, plus people say the cupcakes are dry.Thinking on having the standard circle shape, and also have square cupcakes. So I would the novelty of shape and I'm testing my recipes and getting feed back from poteinal customers on
I already have some people interested in cakes I've made but I have yet to sale one cause I wanted to do it legally, even though offered to pay me.I will also be doing special order cupcakes and cakes. And I plan on offering cake pops as well as cakesicles, work in progress. This would effect the amount I have at a time right?
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