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I just got a request from someone I work with to make some minion cupcakes for her sister's birthday. She wants them to be German chocolate cupcakes. Any one have an idea on how I should go about this? I thought about taking the the normal frosting on top and turning it into more of a filling and use either  white modeling chocolate to make it look a minion.
Just got home from work. And even though I wanted to just throw all the cupcakes away, i took them in to work. To my surprise, pretty much all of the feedback I got was good. I even had someone want me to make some cupcakes for her sister's birthday.
I'm bringing cupcakes into work tomorrow, but the problem is I tried a recipe I've never made before and I do not like them. Plus I don't have enough flour to make a different one and wouldn't have enough to get more and bake and frost before I have to be at work.
My sister is having a candy themed sixteenth birthday party. For the party, she is going to have a single tier cake, square or round, and some cupcakes. We could use some help with ideas on how to get this cake decorated. Thank you for any suggestions and your time!
This comes off really bitchy.
I want to make a bunny to go on top of a carrot cake I'm making. And I have no idea how to start going at it. I was hoping to make the shape of the body out of the treats and then cover it with fondant or modeling chocolate. Any ideas that would help?
I'm needing a blood orange cake. I am hoping to make a cake for christmas with the flavor and color of blood oranges. Any ideas?
Was supposed to look at a space tomorrow, but I got a call today saying that the place I was wanting can't be used as a bakery. I guess I just keep looking.
There is an annual chocolate festival my town holds every March, that I was wanting to do. I love the idea about magnets and pens. Might have to do that.
The "attack" was kind of justified though. Your post, here and in other threads, came off as you saying that there is no point in even thinking about starting a business if you've never ran one before. Plus it comes off as you thinking your superior then everyone else. Not saying you mean to sound like that, but you do a little.
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