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yeah she closed the shop due to health issues and got a job working night shift at a local hotel. She has the freedom to study which helps too.
Actually I can't believe she hasn't seen this yet. I think she gets an automatic ding when new messages appear....but seriously she is getting really lazy...she works all night at the hotel and then goes home and SLEEPS all when school is in session she finds time to attend classes...what kind of a life is that???
You could cover a wooden skewer with candy clay...that is what I did for my wagon cake in my pics...
Yes I would still love to know what icing you use. The one I tasted was a cream cheese but it seemed runny. Any help you can offer is appreciated. The lady that made the cake works at a Bed and Breakfast in Grecia. She works for La Terraza. I will send the info on to her via her employer. Where in Costa Rica are you? Teri of these it?
take a deep breath and then breath out.No news is good news. I think we always expect the worse so we get all worked up over nothing. If they liked your freebies and you boxed it tight every thing should be fine unless THEY did something to it. I am sure they opened it the minute they got it home just to check it out. Now if the party was that night then there probably was no time to call you. Don't worry.
Funny thing... I just read about angel food cupcakes where they used a box mix, added some dry jello mix to it and chopped up fruit to match the jello. Then for the icing they used cool whip lite and added more of the dry jello mix to it ...very low fat... and per them very yummy...
thank you. I did look in the spanish forum and saw a recipe for icing for ? puerto looked like they use manetca (sp) but I thought that was lard...maybe not.
Hey everyone. Since I don''t speak spanish I cant post this on the spanish fourm but could use some help. Right now I am on vacation in Costa Rica and one of the women at the B&B that we are staying at is taking cake decorating lessons. What is a good icing to use where the heat and humidty is high? The icing she made was cream cheese based but seems very runny for this climate. I dont think they have Crisco down here so what should they use? Also cake recipes from scratch...
Wow you are a better person than me. I would have said " Walmart is just down the road...sorry don't have time to do it" and would not have felt any remorse what so ever.
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