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I wouldn't freeze it if you are icing it tomorrow...just wrap it well to keep it from drying out.
Is today the only day you could do it? If nothing else you could bake the cake and freeze then thaw and decorate on Saturday.
Have you checked into using a certified kitchen and trying to rent it out to do it legally? What I do ( which is very little) is all by word of mouth. I also don't have a problem saying no if I don't have the time since I work full time about 70 miles from home. For me this is just a hobby and mainly to do this for my kids and grandkids as well as nieces and nephews. I do a few for outsider friends but anymore it is rare.
Thanks...Actually there is going to be a remake of Planet of the Apes...filming starts this summer up in vancouver...
here is a pic of my Ironman cake. Of course I think he looks like he is from Planet of the Apes but my grandson loved it. Thats all that matters
There are several spiderman cakes in the galleries that are head and partial torso views. Off hand I don't remember who it is that has directions but basically you take 2 ten inch round layers stacked, 2 six or eight in layers quartered ( shoulders) and make the head out of RKT. I will try to post my iron man cake I did this past month for my grandson. I only used fondant on the RKT head and the light source on his chest.
it looks like it might be the sports ball pan and then carve the face. Cover with fondant and use luster dust gold and red for the color. are so new you wouldn't know about Indydebi so don't sweat it. She went viral on cake central years ago and had so many posts that they (CC) actually had to make a new catagory for her since she had more posts than all of the cc's on the whole site... Seriously though she had a shop at the time and offered (offers still) sage advice on a myriad of topics. think this is the topic that explains it all
preference I would say. You can use whatever choc you want for your ganache. I use ghirahdelli chips when i make it but to each his own.
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