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Wow...why would you do this cake for a friend of a friend? And for 50 dollars down from 80????? Really??? And she is only having 40 people max but wants a 3 to 4 tier cake plus a grooms cake? Why would she downsize when she is paying for nothing really. I would tell her for 50 bucks I can do a 10 inch cake or a 6 and an 8 inch tier and a grooms cupcake. No more no less. You are being taken advantage of and I would not do this for someone I didn't know. With friends like...
When I have made them in the past with my cake scraps I would use just a bit of creamer..not much..and also add other items like mini m&ms or toffee crunch or really any kind of candy to make it more interesting.
If you are putting a tiara and butterflies on each cupcake then at least 5.00 per cupcake. Then 3.00 per serving for the other cake depending on what is on it. If it is just plain the 3.00 but if fancy then 4.00 or more per serving.
If you were using Debs recipe why did you heat the milks up? That ends up melting some of your butter and crisco to some extent. If you whip it on the second setting for 20 min or more that keeps the air bubbles down. I don't know what to tell you on salvaging it though. I think when you put the hot milk and cream in it made it seperate .
Yes you are certifiable. YOU are your worst critic. Now me personally I like that the 2nd tier is not centered because part of martial arts is "trying to become centered" . I think people will be in awe of the cake and never see all the "flaws " you pointed out. It is beautiful and well done. I would just write him a thank you note and then maybe one day bring him in a small cake just for him. No one is going to snicker or point out the mistakes because they won't notice...
Don't count your chickens before the eggs are hatched! If you didn't have the deposit down for that cake then then the date was still open in my view. Make sure you are getting a non refundable deposit to hold that date and if you don't have one then you can take other orders.
Not really. I know Cake Central mag is expensive...I bypassed it but bought two copies at CountryKitchen Sweet Art and died....this is a PRIMO magazine. I am so thoroughly impressed with it I could kick myself in the arse for not getting it in the beginning. Save your money and get it. I get the Ices magazine for members and also American Cake decorating too. Trust me when I say that Cake Centrals magazine is a million times better than any of the others. Teri
you can refrigerate fondant but it is not necessary to do so. It can sweat once you take it out and cause it to be gummy.
Well none of the ingredients you used need refrigeration to begin with and Baileys does not need to be refrigerated either. It's alcohol so nothing to spoil.
She said MMF won't work to cover a cake? Is she smokin crack or what? Yes it will work because there are thousands on this site that do just that. Make a small cake and try it to see.
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