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Are you talking about a home electric oven or commercial oven? A home electric oven shouldn't need to be vented but I don't know about commercial ones.
If I remember right...on convection settings your food should cook quicker because the fan is circulating the heat. It shouldn't take an extra 40 min for something to cook over the reg time you use to do.
I think the only reason you would refrigerate dream whip would be so it is cold not to preserve it.
I have the same problem with my cakes cracking. I think that the icing crusts too hard and thus the cracking. Doesn't adding more fat /butter make it greasy tasting? I have my sons wedding cake to ice today and don't want cracking...
use a bottle opener under the lid. It works really well. Oh..the kind that has the flat parts..not a sharp one. this a joke? All the cakes I saw in your photos look professional to me. You can charge PRO prices which should start at min of 3.50 per slice or MORE! Your cakes are awesome so keep up the great work and charge accordingly.
love my Magic line pans...nice and heavy...
I would say a min of 20.00 per person if not more. Check out the classes that Country Kitchen Sweet Art has on their website for kids classes.
I would go over to her house and give her the invoice and ask for the money then. Tell her you have sent email and got no response so you figure her email isn't working. Don't call and leave a message...go over and get your money. Then drop her as your friend.
Well once they shop around and find out it is more expensive then try to come back to you just tell them you are already booked for that the day being a person in the crowd...
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