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Looking for any decorators that live in the Muncie Indiana area. Some of my adult children's friends ask me to do cakes for them but it is not economical for me to drive 50 min to deliver a cake plus I work full time in Indianapolis. I just don't have the time but would like to be able to direct them to someone that could do it for them. PM me or answer the forum topic if you know someone or are someone interested. Thanks. Teri
Your time is worth more.. Don't come down and don't give free delivery. Why do cakers think they have to bow down to people that want to cheat you out of a negotiated price? Do you think she had the wedding dress people knock off a bunch so she could get her dress cheaper?. Or the florist? Or even the resort itself? Why is your service worth less than anything else? Gas is not cheap either... Stick to the price and get cash in hand before doing the cake......all of the...
Roll your fondant thinner also to make them look more delicate and lifelike.
Well true to his word (Heath) I got my refund for the magazine. I thank you Heath for the promptness after the intitial discussion. Hopefully in the future you will be able to have a printed magazine again. The pictures were lovely and very artistic.Thanks againTeri
So whats the status of the magazine refunds? How long does it take to get the refunds out? My money has been tied up for 18 months now.....should get some interest paid on this loan...
Can you give us a guesstimate? A month, 3 months , 6 months...a year...2 years...???
Well I don't have a favorite issue since I only got one magazine but I can tell you I looked through several old issues at an ICES meeting. The photos are so beautifully done that you could frame them. They took you to another world...fairy tale world that only print can do. It is a shame there will be no print magazines because the pictures were absolutely beyond compare in my opinion. Digital cannot compare. But then again I am a weirdo that actually likes to hold a book...
So I got my email about the magazine going digital with no print magazines at all . In the email there were 3 options of what you wanted to do. I chose to get a refund because I think 60 dollars for a digital magazine is totally out of line. I like holding it in my hands and leafing through it. Not going to happen. So I chose option 3 and went to the link that was offered. Filled out the form and submitted it. Well....then I get an email saying it is
I too submitted my information to get a refund but then got an email saying it was undeliverable. So that link for me is bad. I was able to see the digital versions but I think paying 60.00 for digital magazine is preposterous. I sent a pm to Heath about the link also so I will see what happens. Still frustrated with the whole process. I think they should just refund everyones money and then start over with a new format with those that want to stick with the digital issues.
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