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I wanted to make a cake for my BF's sisters birthday last year, I had planned on making a book cake since she had just gotten her teaching degree. I stated this to his entire family! A few days before the party his grandma says I don't have to make a cake she is making 2 of them, she always does things like this to try and show everyone else up. So we get there and she had two cakes, both from boxes (mine are always from scratch), one with canned icing the other with no...
Ya'll are too funny!I have a suggestion though. Instead of taking a picture just save a picture of your computer screen that way you can print off a large pic . Just open your computers "Paint" Program (usually in the Start Menu in Application). Then click back onto Cake Central and Position to where you can see your fabulous cake. Then hold down the "Ctrl" key and hit "Print Scrn". Next Click back onto "Paint" and hit "Ctrl" and the letter "V". Then just Save As and...
I think the cake is perfect. The scrolls are the same as the top photo and the leaves are exactly the same as the ones in the second photo, not to mention that it is simply a beautiful cake all together. ... by the way I can't find it to put it into my favs.!
I'm thinking the funfetti. She is going to try to get more out of him. Why is it men don't appreciate a good cake made from scratch? Most men like boxed cake mixes, except my daddy, he loves my scratch cakes.
I have a friend who is wanting a cake for sometime in November as a suprise for her boyfriends b-day. The problem is he described a cake he liked to her but neither of us has ever heard of this, here is his description..."it was like strawberry shortcake with little fruity flavors inside". Has anyone ever heard of this and does it have a name? Any help would be appreciated!
Seriously???!!! What kind of crap is that! She is obviously not an educated person to not know what a copyright law is.
If she told you that she wanted a shoe box cake with a shoe on it then that is what you gave her. She should have made it clear before you even sent the pictures to her what designer it should have been. I'm going to bet that she is one of those people who will never be satisfied. How the heck can a cake that beautiful "RUIN" and entire birthday just because the shoe isnt Prada. Thats RIDICULOUS.
You all make my mom sound wonderful!!! My mom usually agrees with my opinions on making things for family and waiting till the last minute to order... things like that. She has seen how hard I work at this and how much time and money it takes. Shes usually the one telling me to tell someone to kiss my butt if they don't like what I say, and that I don't charge enough.I think you should stand your ground on this one. If you give in now that will just give them an open...
Your website is great! Very informative and I love how there are pictures of everything you do. It makes each item more appealing. I also love how everything is simple and in neat order, and the colors themselves grab my attention right away.
My dog likes popcorn, he pretends to fall asleep on my arm while I'm eating a bowl and then when I least expect it he sneaks a bite and takes off running. Animals are so amusing!!!
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