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Never did the whole minnie mouse but have done the ears to stand up with a big bow infront of the ears. It was cute...just an idea..
That is a hard one, I also have had that problem. I ended up using a egg shape pan for the belly and for the boobs I had small barbie dome shape pans. They dont serve very many so I ended up doing it on top of a sheet cake. Which worked out great. They ended up with alot more servings but didn't mind. Good luck...
Are you doing a sheet cake with a semi drawn on it or a 3D semi. For a sheet cake I would just use buttercream frosting. There are lots of recipes, you can find them without the butter. Just using butter flavoring. That will hold up fine. If you are doing a 3d semi then I would think you would need to do it with fondant to hold up. I guess we need more details in order to answer.
I have used it and it works good. The only one I have found that I didn't like was takes forever to dry. I have come to love the wilton one. It drys fast when I need it in a hurry.
Not enough powdered sugar makes it to soft. When you go to roll out just add a little powdered sugar and cornstarch as you go. When you are rolling it out you can use the sugar/constarch mixture. That's what I do and it works great. I would much rather have it to soft then to hard.
I agree with blakescakes, I too have had to stick in freezer due to client changing date. I just wrap in saran wrap, put in the fridge to slowly thaw the day before needing it...I find it doesn't sweat as really does work great!
After you have frosted each cake, stick them in the fridge for a hour. It makes the frosting harden up so it doesnt mess it up. Makes them alot easier to handle. If you don't have an extra fridge, stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes. When they come to room temp you can fix any smudges.
Sadly buttercream flowers probably wont stay on the sides, they are to heavy and soft. Sorry I couldn't help.
I have never done one but I will take a stab! If you do the gumpaste flaps pretty thick you should be able to use skewers and put them in the flaps. When they are dry they should hold up and just poke them in the cake where you need them. For the flaps that are slightly bent Im not to sure, may have to put something on the cake to look like paper or something and lay the flap on it. Cover the seams with frosting. Sorry I couldn't help and hope I did not confuse you. Good...
I just did one for a grooms cake, haven't uploaded it yet. But I printed out a large label on my computer. Cut it out and traced around it on the can which was fondant. I wanted the outline to be perfect. Then I had to draw it all by hand. It turned out great and I am not an artist. I did it all with buttercream. Not sure if this helped but I had the same problem so I just decided to try it this way and it worked...
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