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yea...1 cup of shortening, 2tblsp of water, 2 tsp of flavor, 1 lb of dconf sugar...use a viva papertowel to smooth your cake over after it starts crusting...this will also take an icing color better than the tub icing too
oh..ok!...freeze the can handle them better, they will thaw as you work on them...I do it all the cakes are frozen until the day of the event or the night of the event...alot of bakeries freeze their cakes while working on such creations like this one..and like mrsg1111 said, you can drive a dowel rod through them also..but not saying that you have, but if they are crumbling on you and they normally dont do that..maybe it was baked too long...if you...
and if you are looking for a recipe..1 cup of shortening, 2 tbsp of water, 1 tsp of flavor, 3 lbs of conf. sugar... and add tsp of water as you go to get the feel you are looking for to ice will be a stiff icing at first..but add tsp of water to loosen it up...the crusting will be good too.
When you say cut into four pieces , do you mean you are trying to make it into a 4 layer cake using one 8 inch square cake?
You will place the hidden pillars into the cake, like dowel rods. place each cake onto a separator plate, same size as the cake and snap the little feet on the bottom of the sep. plate into the dowel may have a little space in between each layer after snapping them in but you can easily cover it by piping icing around the tiers or if you are using ribbon, you can just cover that space up that way also.
look here:
It is where you use the plates with the plastic dowel rods that lock into each other
you are on the right track..measure and cut your dowels and place before you each cake in an individual box...use the non slip mat that you can find in the housing section at the store that carries the shelf liners, and place a piece of that non slip mat under the cake in the box and lay a piece under each box in your carand assemble when you get there.
Do a smidget of red,just a smidget, in white icing...i looked up blush pink to try and get a notion of what blush" was and it appears to be a light pinkSome of the blushes i saw..looked as if you could probably add a smidge of chocolate to it to get a "medium shadow" to the pink.
I dont use butter in my icing because I like for my cake to crust over so i can do drawings and work with it to get a smooth look - it holds very well..recipe would be: 1 cup crisco, 1tsp of butter flavor, 2 tbsp of water, 1 lb of conf.sugar...i dont use salt either
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