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I made 300 cupcakes for a wedding by myself, I did 100 a night, and put them all in the fridge, some in my freezer i keep for just cakes only, i got up early that saturday morning and iced them...i iced the ones from the freezer last, I just set them out to thaw while i worked on the others.the bride and her guest loved them and complimented still on how moist they were.
I bake my cupcakes at 18 mins and they are perfect everytime but you know every stove is different and dont know what your altitude is, but my take 18 mins, if I do 19 , I am really pushing it and I can tell the difference in the cupcake.
I do the same thing Annie does, it works just fine, with or without the pin or with the icing.
Dont know if you are trying to use the gumpaste or fresh, but I have used the gumpaste from wholesale , they have wires, they go right into the cake and I havent had a problem with them tearing or pulling the cake apart.
And I have used Vista print
Just some thoughts: I dont know how close you are with her -maybe consider doing it for her for just the supplies and gas used to go and get the supplies or delivery , if you are delivering it and let her know it'll be just that one time. I dont know what the prices for ingredients are where you live-maybe you could just feel yourself around it. Or maybe you could tell her , "Normally a cake for that many people would be 137.50 (because you already told her what your price...
Great! Glad you finished successfully...Be sure to post it!
you can ice it the night before or the day of...whichever works for you..some people do ice it twice, especially if you are getting started and are new...the first will be the crumb coat, the second will be the regular icing of the cake...if you freeze it , you wont have as many crumbs and the cake is easier to handle it..but if you do a crumb coat keep the icing that you crumb coat with separate from the icing you use as your final icing...because it has crumbs in it.i...
The best color i like is Americolor because it is in a squeeze bottle and the color is more of a true color
carmijok, you have cake on your post of bc iced cakes where you painted them? I would love to start doing that concept...i have carpal tunnel and cannot use fondant, so i have to smooth all my cakes to get that fondant look but i wanted to start trying new things as far as stenciling can respond back on my private message if you like since this is originally hannah's posting.
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