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Posts by josilind thats a good one too...thanks!
Thanks for your responses!!Lovely cakes you created, cakeyouverymuch! ok, thats what I was looking for. I am using buttercream and I already made the icing and set it out under the light so that the icing will change to the true color and then just sealed my icing container. And yea, its already moist. There in the freezer. I always bake 3 or 4 days ahead and freeze then decorate. But just never decorated that far in advance.I was worried about a cardboard taste and...
You would wrap it in saran after you have decorated it, would the icing smoosh ? There are borders and scroll work on the cake.
Wanted to know if anyone has ever baked and decorated a cake 2 days before the event. I am pressed for time and think I may need to bake and decorate 2 days before but I am concerned about my icing color fading or bleeding (black usually turns purplish) and I am concerned about the cake drying out or tasting like the box.Any comments for me to consider before I do this?
I had the same trouble too. I had to practice though. MY HEART WOULD JUST BEAT REEEEAAALLL FAST when i began to start writing and the whole time I was writing on the cake!! i hated writing and still do!If you ever have icing left over from a cake, keep it, practice on a plate or something you can scoop the icing off of the surface and start over again. Practice basic words like, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Best Wishes, etc.Another thing that worked for me is that as I...
Yeah, both bakeries the cream cheese icing was homemade from scratch in the store.there was no milk involved so it was able to have a shelf life.
I hope things work out for you-dont give up on your vision for your business. When you overcome the rocky situations it'll make you proud of yourself and you would be able to tackle ANYTHING!!!
I have had this happen to me also, but as someone else suggested, I laid the transfer on top of the cake, sealed the edges first to cake so it wont move and then fill in the logo with the colors that I needed with a 3 and 5 tip. then I went back over the transfer when I was done with a #2 tip with black icing in the bag to make the image stand out.
I worked at two different bakeries, you do not have to keep it in the fridge but because we had cakes going out all day it would probably be on the shelf for 2 days at a time. you just have to keep an eye on it, scoop some out and give a little taste test, but trust , you will smell it first.
I like that 20% friend discount...I am gonna start using that!
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