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Thanks so much....i had seen a tutorial on youtube and they didnt use anything with the fondant, but i was looking for another tutorial just to be comfortable with doing it since its my first fondant topper..and when i got on here i saw that everyone on CC is using a fondat combination...but thank you for respoinding!!
I have been reading the threads on making fondant numbers using fondant or MMF mixed with tylose or gum paste ...but...has anyone used fondant by itself with 3 days to dry ?
THAT is a very good idea...i have an 18 coming up too...!
I know that this post is kinda old but.....I cut the coupler from my decorating bag and put all of my tips, into a boiler and boil them to a rolling boil. the couplers, tips, the decorating bag portion i cut off and all.....i pour it down the kitchen sink , tips and all and leave the tips and couplers in the sink in the drain. then i boil another pot of water , with nothing in it, bring it to a rapid boil and pour it down the sink behind the first pot, over the tips and...
ok ! thank you so much!
Could I put vodka and luster dust in a spray bottle and "mist" a buttercream iced cake to give it a metallic shine?
Ok, I will have to use the piping gel method because I dont use fondant, I have carpel tunnel problems and I have to smooth my icing to give it a fondant look. I was trying to glam the cake up by using luster dust piping since, I dont use the fondant. Is that possible? I am doing A LOT of vamping on this cake. But the inspiration for the cake the lady order is coming FROM this cake.
Oh ok!, I am just eager to try a new recipe and was wondering if the flavors would be enough liquid for the recipe. I was just asking to make sure, thank u for responding
HEY memphis ten oh see!!
I am sorry , I m trying to find out how to get luster to a cake . I hope you can see this cake so you can understand what I am speaking of. I want to do the gold piping that is shown here. thank you!
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