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Hi.I used to make a delicious cream filling for cupcakes, but because you cook the flour and milk, it needs to be refrigerated. I tried another recipe that uses Marshmellow creme, but didn't like that one as much. Does anyone have a cream filling recipe that I can pipe into cupcakes that does not need refrigeration (and tastes delicious?!?!?!)I need to make these today, so any help you can provide would be great!!!
For the really "red red" you should use Americolor food gels. They are awesome and you only need a little bit. They have a few different versions of red and they have a white too. If you go to a site that sells Americolor, they normally have a color chart. I know Cake Central sells Americolor now, but I don't know if they have the color chart. Sugarcraft sells them. They also make a white, and I just purchased it but never tried it yet. They have a super red that I...
Those lingerie cookies look great!!! I just wondered how much the glaze would stand up off of the cookie and those look awesome!!! I will just keep the glaze pretty thick for the details - like balls on a christmas tree, so that they stand up above the base coat and don't flatten.Thank you soooo much!!!I really didn't want to have to make 2 different kinds of icing! I much prefer a glaze to royal.
I want to do detail work on my xmas cookies this year. I love a powdered sugar/dry fondant glaze. I usually just glaze and add sprinkles or dragees, but I'd like to be more fancy this year. I know many use royal icing or Antonia's icing for detailing cookies. Has anyone used the powdered sugar/Toba's type of glaze successfully for detail work or is it too thin? I know I can glaze with the fondant glaze and just accent with the other - which I may do, but I still...
Yes, it is a powder. I think it is pulverized confectioners sugar with maybe corn starch or something added. Don't let that fool ya. It tastes the same as just powdered sugar in a glaze. I bought mine at but many local cake decorating stores carry it. Not Michaels or AC Moore though.
I added 2 pics to my photos. I don't have many, so it will be real easy to find them! haha
I still have a few left, I can take a picture maybe tonight.
Sugarcraft sells it, as well as King Arthur Flour. I think places that carry the Lorann oils might carry it because it is made by them. Countrykitchens USA carries it too.It smells like heaven. Bakery vanilla. No citrus flavor too it...just sweet smelling vanilla++++
Do you know anyone who could create edible images for you? My understanding - which is limited, is that as long as no one is making a profit, you can reproduce copyrighted images.
Hi.I want to try stenciling xmas cookies this year. I tried last year but it definitely didn't work. I was trying to stencil onto a wet iced cookie and was trying to hold the stencil above the icing and sprinkle the sugar, was a nightmare and didn't work.Then of course I had an epiphany over the summer and realized I should have let the icing dry completely. Then lay the stencil on top of the cookie, then "paint" a thin layer of glaze in the shape and then...
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