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Tell me about it!! This was supposed to be my slow week, time to catch up...just got two more last minute orders today! I'm hoping for a better November.....
Ok, never mind! I thought I had submitted my site to Yahoo,,but no!! I don't understand how to verify..that makes No sense to me...please help. I am at my wits end...
Thanks for all the help, I was able to submit the site to Yahoo! YAY!!I wasn't able to submit it to Google. I don't understand how to verify it. Can some explain this. It has my site an it's set on verification method as Meta Code...what do I from here? Thanks so much!!
My site manager has a option I just can't figure it out. I then decided to ask the Live Support...the guy didn't help at all. He said if I wanted to be included in search listing I would have to pay for those services...I wasn't aware of that. I'll try going to Yahoo an Google directly, how or where do I look for this at?
I have purchased an setup a website through ipage. If you type in the address, it will come up. If you search for me, the company, any of that good stuff....nothing!!! Can someone help me?I have people that call and say"I've googled you and can't find you site..." What's the point of having the stinking thing if no one can find me? Eerrrr! Thanks!
I got some paperwork from DecoPac last week, but it didn't have anything with duff in it..wish hit had
This has to be the craziest thing I've ever heard.... I had no idea.I guess it's a good thing I just generallt pick one up from my local Wal-Mart if I need one. Wonder if the fact that I don't charge the customer for the kit makes any difference...I just let them us it or if they want to keep it I give them the receipt an they reimpruce me....HumThanks for letting me know about this!
I've had problems with the last two buckets...they're horribly sticky! I mean, stright from the bucket- no color added- it sticks to my hands like chewing gum!!
Ok, that's good!! So, how exactly does the tax id number work? Making sure I understand, even though I know this makes me look so stupid..just wanna be sure though! I buy with my number all supplies, I charge the 9.25% to customers, and my taxes are due in Feb on it...I think that's what I read somewhere. Am I correct?? Thanks so much!!
ellie- did you just purchase the site builder? I was thinking that maybe all I would have to purchase is the subscription for site builder. Hope this is correct?
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