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We did 30 of them in buttercream and then covered in MMF. I think they were 3" rounds and we placed them on a 4" square and placed them in clear boxes that the bride provided. There's a picture of them in our photos. They were time consuming, but once we got in a groove, it went a lot faster!
My hubby cut out our last one from MDF (medium density fiberboard) and it was PERFECT! We needed it to be 20" round and didn't want to pay for a drum and I didn't trust a drum with the weight of the cake anyway so the MDF board was just what we needed. Now, I just need to get him back out to his shop to cut a bunch more! Oh, and we covered in with fanci foil.
Thank you all for the constructive criticism. The bride and groom absolutely loved the cake. They were ecstatic with it. I just wasn't sure, in hindsight, if I really liked the random'ness of the roses on the tiers. And whoever said they looked a little too long, you are absolutely right. It wasn't something that we ever noticed until we started placing them on the cake and then realized that they could have been a lot shorter. The top tier and the 3rd tier are...
This is the first wedding cake we did where we pretty much had free reign - she just said red roses, black ribbons, and white fondant. Please let us know what you think of this cake - the good AND the bad. Feel free to be honest in your constructive criticism - that's what we are asking for! Thanks Cakers!
I don't think it would matter if you used ready-made icing. And I really don't know what the difference is between rolled fondant and regular fondant so I can't give an opinion there!
We used the wondermold pan sitting on top of a 9" round cake - the combination was perfect. We did not use dowels, just filling in between the mold and the single cake layer. We used real dolls and saran wrapped their bottom half before sticking it into the cake. We cut a hole in the center of the entire cake for the doll to fit into. We covered the cake in a crumb coat of buttercream before fondanting. I just used my fingers to make the natural folds of the skirt. ...
So far our white cakes are not cutting well. We did a wedding cake this weekend and the chocolate cut like a dream, but the white cake wants to crumble and fall apart. This one was the durable white cake. Anyone have a recipe that cuts well and won't crumble? We prefer to start from a mix and add to that. Thanks!
That's settling. We had this issue on the TOP tier of a wedding cake this weekend and ended up having to completely redo the top tier 2 hours before the reception! LOL! It was a *tense* couple of hours until the new perfect top was in place!I personally think that all the condensation of a frozen cake coming to room temperature can cause havoc on your icing, filling, and fondant. We won't be using frozen cakes anymore for sure!Your cake is still adorable - bulge and all!
Tell her you will make her the size cake that her deposit paid for.
Something besides standard buttercream....anyone have anything fabulous to offer up???
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