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Thanks everyone. I actually heard from the girl who said, "My cake was the best cake ever!" Um, ok. . . I was so relieved!!
OK, I can't get the picture in the message for some reason. It's the blue and brown cake with stars in my photos.
I made this cake for a dinner party birthday celebration tonight at a very popular restaurant in town. The dinner party was for 20 people, and obviously everyone else in the restaurant would see the cake. It's an 8", 6", 4" topsy turvy (THANK GOD!) cake. On the way to deliver, we went around a corner and heard a thud. Oh yes, it tipped over. Thankfully the cake didn't fall apart, and it was in a box so it didn't fall on a carpet or anything. Other than one whole side...
I just emailed her this link to see if this is maybe what she's talking about?
I'm thinking it's maybe chocolate or royal icing and she doesn't know the difference. I'm looking on right now hoping for some inspiration!!
It was for a celebrity's birthday. . . She's pretty easy to please, so I'm not concerned with her not liking it, but I am dying for a picture!
I just had my best customer call and order a birthday cake. She said, "I've seen lots of celebrity cakes lately with red gel icing and really scripty writing." WHAT? Does anyone have any idea what she's talking about? Any links to pics like that? I've tried searching on the internet and come up empty so far. THANKS!!!
My mom just called and asked me to make a 50th birthday cake for her neighbor. For Saturday. Thanks Mom, nothing like notice. She doesn't want the "Over the Hill", etc. theme. The neighbor loves to go to flea markets and yard sales, collects a bunch of costume jewelry, things like that. I'm having a total mind blank on this. Any ideas??
I don't have an edible image printer, but am thinking I'd like to get some images for a cake, if that's possible. Has anyone ever approached Wal Mart or something similar about doing the images for you? Or would anyone here be able to do some and mail them to me? Obviously I would pay for this. Is that even possible? Can you tell I'm not very knowledgeable about the whole edible image??!
Thanks Doug -- I've already been PMing with her. She's an AMAZING resource for us to have here!
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