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I have an order for a three tiered pillow cake. I have no problem with covering the cakes, I however would need help on how to assemble them so that they do not fall or shift. Any suggestion would be welcome. thanks
I would also appreciate your tips too. thanks for sharing
Why do my figurines have large cracks in them once they have dried? The cracks are so large that it looks as if the figurines actually burst open. I use 50/50 gumpaste and fondant combination for them.
My friend got an order to do this cake and she needs my help and assistance in doing it. The order she got is for a bigger sized cake actually 8 steps. I need advice on how to stack such a big cake, how to convey it to the venue ( in whole or assemble at the venue. Any help will be appreciated.
I read somewhere that a design or picture can be transfered to a cake using a projector. Does any one have an idea how this is done? useful suggestions will be appreciated.
Yes I did but could not get any help. Still searching.
Please where can I purchase a cricut cake in the UK? I have tried google but could'nt get any information.
Thanks for sharing these great ideas. God bless you.
I saw a picture of a lab top cake in the gallery. Please does any one have an idea on how the screen is made to stand up right? I would very much appreciate any help. Thanks.
Try google polymer clay. I hope it helps.
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