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I had some condense and get sticky, what did i do wrong?
Can you freeze cake balls after you have dipped them in chocolate? How long will they stay good? Thanks for any advise!
Kimmiesue that barbed wire turned out really good, and the cake is adorable! Thanks so much!!!
cakesondemand that is some awesome barbed wire! I don't have a clay gun though....
Thanks CakesbyCarla, great idea! That sounds pretty simple too!
I need to make some barbed wire for a wedding cake does anyone have suggestions for me? thanks
I did not make the nurses cap, but I would still like to! If you do make one, please post pics!
Thanks! I didn't even think about google!
I know there are some on CC but I can't seem to find them. Can anyone help? I need to make it tonight
I prefer to freeze them slightly, but I will stack them either way. No worries it will be fine either way! It makes handling the cakes easier, and helps maintain the moist texture in my opinion.
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