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There are sure some fabulous cakes in this thread.....Here are some of mine:          
Thanks for your input Sharon....I want to try some and see for myself!! BlakesCakes would you be willing to share your RBC recipe?
Hello Cakes looks like a poppy or maybe a wild rosé to me....hope this helps!
I didn't get the link for my issue 3 vol 10. I have now sent three emails to the contact us link on the magazine page and have yet to get a reply or the link.....I'm so disappointed in the customer service for cake central magazine.... It's apparent they don't care at all about customer service!!!
Thanks so much for all your input ladies....I will try it with one of the dummies and see what happens....BakingIrene, lol, no I don't have that much fridge space...I will be taking it to the wedding venue...boxed up and wrapped with saran and dessicant packets in the box to absorb moisture somewhat...I'll keep you all posted!!!
Thanks BakingIrene,The cakes will be covered in fondant....I need to do as much as possible with them this week as I have nine family members coming in tuesday and wednesday of next week, and they will be staying here. If i can do most of the decorating before tuesday I'll be ahead of the game and wont have as much to do the last few days before the wedding...LOL I wish this was my first marriage....but I'll still be nervous!!I was only wondering if royal icing stenciling...
Hello Fellow CCers,I am making my own wedding cake and want to put stenciling around the sides of the tiers. Is is possible to freeze the decorated tiers? What will happen to the royal icing decorations once it's thawed? Can the tiers be refrigerated?Any info and help you can give would be very much appreciatedThanks in advance for your replies...
You could try putting vertical ropes of fondant or modeling chocolate on your cake all around after your frost but before you put on the chocolate collar. Then smooth the chocolate over the lines so it would have that corrugated look. Or there is a ribbed/smocking roller available at amazon. this helps!!
BooperBaker78, do you add all the crisco and flavorings to the marshmallows to melt together?
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