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Yep, that's giddiness that you detect. I was so excited that he saw my cake. My sister was really excited for me too.
I did a groom's cake this summer for a friend of my sister's. The groom is a huge fan of the group KISS so his cake was themed that way. The picture of the cake is in my gallery. The bride did this as a surprise for the groom and he loved it. Anyhow, the groom went to a KISS concert a few nights ago and had backstage passes. He took a picture of him with the cake from the wedding and showed it to Gene Simmons who signed the picture for him. I was excited that...
Yep, I do the same thing as Debi and bang the snot out of the pan. I put a kitchen towel on the counter first though-it lessens the noise. It really does help get those air bubbles to the surface so they can pop or you can pop them with a toothpick.
Do you have any candy melts that you can color black. I made a cake with a Mickey Mouse hat on top of it. I melted the candy melts and made a circle with a point coming off one side. I cut a slit into the top sides of the hat and slide the pointy side into the cake. I thought it turned out cute plus it was easy. There is a picture in my gallery. Just thought I would give you a different direction to go in since the painting isn't going well. Good luck.
Another quick tip is to make sure your FBCT isn't to thin which can lead to breakage. I also let them freeze overnight because a few hours doesn't seem to be enough. If you chill the cake a little before you but the FBCT on it is easier to move it quickly if you need to. They are a lot of fun to do and I like doing them. I get quite a few requests from friends for their children's birthdays. Have fun and post a picture when done.
I love chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling covered in ganache. Oh so yummy and rich. It's my dad's favorite also.
The recipe makes about 12 cups of batter so the sizes indiciated are for single layers. I use this recipe for my chocolate cake: Use the Duncan Hines if you can find it. If not use the triple chocolate cake mix by Betty Crocker.You should be able to make three regular batches and one half batch. Use the Wilton chart to help with figuring out how much batter goes into each size cake.Good luck....
I use crushed up vanilla wafers because it doesn't have a very strong taste like graham crackers. I also add some raw sugar to it to make it sparkle.
Here is a link that will help you with that: is a link to Wiltons website that tells you batter amounts for different size cake pans: am sure you have the recipe for the chocolate already, but this has info on size and quanitity of cakes it will make.Hope this answers your questions.
I love my magic line pans. I just bought some square ones and rectangular pans. The corners are so straight and square. I think the cakes bake very nice and even in them. I will be buying more magic line pans in the future. I do a lot of baking and grew up doing lots of baking. There is a huge difference in your baked goods when you use a high quality pan versus a low quality pan.
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