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This is fantastic! I was just asked about this. THANKS!!
I don't know of a crusting whipped cream, but I do know that it works really well with a hot knife. Smooth it out as much as possible, then dip your knife in really hot water, making sure to dry off ALL the water, then go over it. It makes it super smooth.
I am soooooo inspired by you! Congratulations! You're shop is absolutely adoreable! May God Bless you with a booming business! Have a wonderful weekend!
Great recipes!
Absolutely NOT. Some people think a cake is as simple as popping it in the oven, then smothering a little frosting on it. This girl should know better than to ask you for something like that. Especially if she is a friend. If you say yes, they are going to run all over you. Before you know it, you'll be making each layer a different flavor, the size of it will change, they'll want bigger and better things, all because they can get it cheap.Please don't do it for cost....
Muchas Gracias!
Thank you so much for sharing these tips! Does anyone know the pros/cons to sifting the ps first? Does it make a difference?
My grandmother makes this cake that she calls "Oakie Cake". I think it's also known as Texas Sheet Cake. It is a chocolate cake with cinnamon and pecans in it. I think what makes it awesome is the amazing frosting. I was just thinking that the frosting would make an excellent filling. I'll try and locate the recipe for it. Has anyone else heard/tasted/loved this cake? PS...this is an excellent thread!
Sorry...I didn't read all the way through! I didn't realize you already delivered. I'm sure it looked beautiful, and they loved it!
I hope I'm not too late to help!!!!!! CHECK OUT MY PICS. I glazed the Ark in the Noah's Ark cake TOTALLY IN CHOCOLATE...NO CRUMB COAT NECESSARY.I always use Ghiradelli because it melts so smooth. Use white, milk or dark...your choice. BUT....don't forget a bit of parafin wax. That's the secret to it! Parafin wax is in the baking section, and is used in candy making. It's really inexpensive. Personally, I use 1/4 of a bar per 11 oz bag of Ghiradelli morsels. And...
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