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HiThanks for all the advice, all your advice makes sense, i only put on the extra syrup as the BC seemed dry once it had been in the fridge (i have never chilled my cakes prior to covering them before)i will lay off th syrup in future!
no cake was kept at room temperature weird hey?
no ideas anyone??
HiI made a vanilla maderia cake, applied vanilla syrup before filling with SMBC and rasberry jam, i then crumb coated with SMBC chilled the cake for half an hour. I then put a very small amount of vanilla syrup on the crumb coating and covered the cake with fondant.At my nephew's party i began to cut the cake, the fondant in parts of the cake started to peel off and the top layer of the cake fell away from the bottom layer. Why did this happen? I was so embarrassed...
Yes its true in Britain most wedding cakes and christening cakes are fruit, but alot of people are going for sponge cakes now.buttercream in used under fondant here, but buttercream cakes (as a overall covering are not popular. this link
I have just bought from FMM i think, a bead maker, but they IMO are not that easy to use but the beads all come out in a row the same size
Thanks for your ideas I tried with the royal icing as i had already put the first ribbon on the cake.seems to be staying put so far
Hiokay I have put ribbon around the edge of my fondant cake , i now want to put a thinner ribbon on top of this but i can't get it to stick, any ideas?I have used edible glue so farThanks Claire
I use paprika colouring, just add tiny amountClaire
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