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It looks like the fondant was joined on the right side of the purse. It is possible to make your fondant seams barely visible. The easiest way is to cover them up with decorations. In this case the seam is down the side, so it could look cute if you put a strip of flowers down the seam, and on the other side of the purse as well. This way it looks like you planned it. The other way is to use a small bit of water and gently smooth out the seam. You can use your finger, or...
I tried it once on regular cake, and I wasn't pleased with the results....the icing was way to crunchy. It might be good on some types of cakes though.
I know where you are coming from!!! I keep mine over two freezers...stacked on top. The other day I went to pull one down, and the entire stack fell on my head! Of course, I had to take time fix them again, and that took me away from the cake I was finishing. I need some ideas, too!
Do you have the wilton cake pan mold or something else?
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experince shipping sugar flowers. I am considering selling some of my pre-made flowers online, but I have never shipped any of them before. Does anyone know how to ship them and keep them from breaking? Also, I am looking for packaging for the flowers. I need some sort of box that would hold them. So far I have not found anything that would work. Does anyone know where I could find something like that? Thanks in advance!
What are you trying make out of fondant? Is is possible to make it, and then roll out the fondant and cover the entire thing and then just smooth it down? I have done this a few times with baby booties. Otherwise, I wet my finger a little and smooth the lines out. It also could depend on what type of fondant you use.
Here's an idea: Make a house with an unfinished addition in progress. Add little workers inside working, (painting, hammering, sanding, etc...).Sounds like a interesting cake to make. Post some pictures when you get done. I would love to see the finished product.
Take everything you spent on the cake and double it. Then add in the time you spent on the cake at an hourly rate. So.... If you spent $15.00 on supplies and 4 hours on the cake ( I usually charge about $10.00 an hour) you would charge somewhere in the range of $70.00. Some of this depends on how good the market for cakes are in your area. If I were you I would call a local bakery and ask what they would charge so you can get an idea of what the going rate is.
I live in a part of the US that almost always has high humitiy. When I put on the fondant accents I tend to use more buttercream than water. I will use water for some of the lighter accents like a small flat flower, but not for the heavier stuff. Just be careful how much buttercream you use, and it should be fine. Hope this helps!!
Just keep adding coloring until it looks right!
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