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bump please
Do you the marshmallow buttercream icing taste good with a devil's food cake? I bought an edible image from someone and they said to use a white icing. If the marshmallow doesn't work, what would? Thanks!!!
Thank you so much.
I think that I should probably already know the answer, but I am new... In the cake mix extender recipe it says to use 1 cup of flour. Does it mean self rising flour? Cake flour? The lady at the grocery store couldn't help me, I should have just came here first. Thanks in advance. I love this place.
Thank you so much!!!
Okay, I'm new to baking and I'm at a friend's house who wants tp bake a cake, and she only has a springform cake pan. Can you bake a cake in these? Sorry for such a question I just don't know. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the quick response,texas sugar. I love CC!
I know somewhere has a table or something to show many cake mixes to use for different size pans, can someone point me in the right direction? I need to know for a 10x2 pan. Thanks in advance.
That doesn't even look like cake. It looks so real. Beautiful. You did a great job.
A southern red velvet cake has to have pecans and cream cheese frosting... I don't think its a red velvet cake without it.
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