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Just a quick reminder about Tuesday Morning having the 6 Qt mixer on sale.  I love mine!
All I ever do is apply a thin coat of icing, ganache or whatever you are using. Actually it is more than a crumb coat but not as much as the amount you would use if you were icing your cake for someone. I too set the iced cake in the fridge for at least an hour.  It allows the icing to chill and set up and since the icing is not thick then the icing will be fine to put fondant on. Good luck
I just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday Morning will have the 6 Qt., Professional Mixer on sale for $299.99. This has  a 575 watt motor and it shows the whip, beater, dough hook and the plastic splash shield.  If you need one I would get down there on 6/1 (when the sale starts) early. Good luck everyone, a deal too good to pass!! 
I agree wholeheartedly!!!  
My first thought is; anyway to return the pans?  If not what you can do is take a measuring cup and a 2" high pan, if you have any, and pour water into it to come up about 3/4 of the way. Keep track of how much was poured in and that is how much batter you will pour into the 4" pans.  No heating core or upside down flour nail.  Good Luck to you!!! 
I don't understand how you can sit and gripe about us recommending the Agbay. I know I can not do leveling with a knife, so how difficult is that for you to wrap your brain around.  I don't know what I do however, I can not do it.  You are probably more professional, experienced, although I have been caking since 2006.  I don't feel that it is your duty to call us that do recommend it and write the somewhat scathing review or replies.  Please be more tolerable of how we...
I also have ruined many cakes using the knife, toothpick and Wilton leveler. I decided to just get the Agbay instead of wishing I had one and I will say I have never regretted it. You can always buy a new mixer when they go on sale but I too consider my Agbay a necessary piece of equipment. Sure is a lot better than trying to match up the hills and valleys that have been made with a knife. In fact yesterday I tried a new recipe and torted both layers, with a knife, cause I...
I mix my gel colors with alcohol (vodka) and make sure my brush is not dripping wet. I then paint it onto the RI items I want. You need to be sure your brush is not dripping with the color as I said and you may find it better to do 2 light coats in order to get the desired color or value of that color.
Google Harry the bunny and you will get many thing you can see on u-tube.  Maybe you can get some ideas from one of them.  You can also bring up dolls of him also.  Good luck.
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