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My suggestion is, 1) if your confectioners sugar is lumpy, sift it, 2) add your meringue powder into the bowl with the conf. sugar and just let it mix for a minute or so.  After doing this add the water and mix on low speed, if you have a stand mixer, for however many minutes it states.  If you have a hand mixer then mix on high for however many minutes, 10 I think. Good Luck
I'm sorry but I have to disagree.  I always wrap the cake, even for the night, when it is still warm on the cooling racks.  I wrap 1 side and flip it over and pull the wrap over the other side and edges.  The next day I take it out, ice and decorate, the cake stays fresh and develops a wonderful crumb.   Unless you have a filling that needs refrigeration then it is not necessary to put it back in the fridge, unless your house is extremely hot.  If you decide to put it in...
I love mine, have the double but have not used it as a double yet.  I love that you can cut your layers so straight that when you stack them I rarely have to try and straighten them to make level.  In fact I did a 3 layer baby shower cake this weekend and the only reason I had to do anything with it was due to the fact I had a big bag of sugar hit part of it.  Grrrr! You are going to love it!
Love all the suggestions, however, my favorite would be...... homemade caramels. Not sauce but actual caramels that you cut and wrap.   MMMMMM, I can taste them now.
When you do her cake just remember. It will take just as much time to decorate the dummy cakes.  Most people either do not charge enough as they figure they are only dummies. That is true and even though you aren't baking cakes that size they are still a lot of work.  Also, most people will think there should be a great price decrease because they are only "fake". You may have to explain this to your friend or you can decide to give a "friend" discount of a percentage of...
I freeze the layers and then defrost one I want on bottom.  After I have iced or filled the bottom layer I put the frozen layer on top of it and leave it to defrost.  It doesn't take long for it to and then I trim edges to be the same if needed, then you can ice and decorate as usual.  This saves a lot of drinking, and stress on your end!   I have done them this way for years and have had no problems.  Glad we could help you.
As an answer to this thread and all the people who are told by an "expert" it can't be done or it needs to be done this way only.  The Lord must have loved a$$holes, cause there sure are a lot of them.
Lovelymeets, Inga1 and kin1182, rather than pay the price of the 3 pound containers of Hi-ratio shortening why not buy the 50lb box. Perhaps there is someone in your area that would be glad to go halves on a box. If not many of us slice it into blocks and put the extra blocks in the freezer. You will find that it does not take long to go through that 3 lbs and then you have to order again, shipping is a killer and did not look to see where you live hot weather will melt it...
A beautiful cake and although so many things happened all ended well.  I love the color and decorations and you are quite welcome for the small part I was able to play.
Thank you for correcting me and you are correct as it belongs to all mothers but, I was thinking of the writing on a cake would be for 1 person mainly, not a bunch. Thanks for straightening everything out.
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