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If what I understand from your description of how you are going to make the books, standing on end, then I would be afraid to transport them very far. Are you meaning on end like you would see them lined up on a shelf? If so, I think it would be more stable if they were laying down, as though someone was reading them and laid it down. You could stack them on top of each other at different angles , in other words, not neatly. This structure would allow an easier...
If you want the books, I would look through them to see if they have instructions so you can learn how to make flowers, borders, etc. The cakes and ideas for their styling are going to be so out of date that you may end up disposing of a lot of them. I would save my money and buy current dvd's from those who are on CC or others that can teach you to do things with their expertise. I hope this has helped you decide what you should do. evelyn
I guess it would be worth what you want to pay, however, the Wilton licensed pans can not be used for anything other than personal use. Meaning if you sell cakes you can not sell any made from those pans. There are a lot of books and other items that if you really get into baking that to me (my opinion only) that are things that will just take up space. I, myself, would look at the items individually and determine a price for the items that would most benefit me. evelyn
Can someone point me in the right direction for the recipe? I tired a search and also looked in the forum itself. I would really love to try this recipe. TIA evelyn
Not to steer this post in another direction but, if you use white chocolate, I know it is not actually chocolate, and do not want to color it how or what do you use to paint on it? I want to do something that need to be basically white, off white and then paint the item. Thanks so much for your help. evelyn
Wilton has a new "refreshed Curriculum" that begins the week of June 6. The new courses will be absolutely wonderful, teaching new flowers and ways to do decorating. If you have taken courses previously you should consider taking some of the new courses. There is something for everyone and so many new things you can hardly pass up the courses.evelyn
Maybe you can try some ketchup and smear it on the pan all over. When brass items oxidize you can do this with them and they become shiny again and it does work. Not sure if it will work on the cake pan but, heck it's worth a try. eevelyn
Would she have been happy with other flowers and different colors? That probably would have been too much "spin". Like Debi said "Damned if you do and Damned if you don't. I think you can see enough of a difference to be her own cake. Also loved your response to her, very professional!!!evelyn
Actually, when I see a question that does not have the entire topic asked, I am anxious to see what the subject is about. Sometimes mystery is a good point even though it may not get the OP her answer in a timely manner. I am also glad I read this thread as I never thought about freezing leftover batter. I too usually end up with leftover batter and have to make a small cake. To this I say Hooray for you how you posed your question. evelyn
Try it, and once you have gone through the 3# you've gotten you will want to order the 50# block. I will never use anything else but Hi - Ratio again. Your icing will have a much better taste, no matter what recipe you use. evelyn
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