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To your first question of steaming - you only hold your flower over the steam just long enough for it to go all around it. This sets the dust so it does not brush off as easily if at all. Second question - I would use either gum glue or just a small amount of water. Either will work and I normally use water. If your drape is heavy you may want to hold it in position until the glue/water holds it how you want it.evelyn
I use parchment precut circles and I also use the 1/2 sheet cake size. I buy my spray from the restaurant supply and I spray the sides and bottoms well and after putting the paper down I spray it also. I too hate to cut the circles so I started buying the precut ones years ago. I love them to help keep the bottom in tact and also for the fact that if I have gotten busy with another task and the cakes have sat in the pan for an hour I can still get them out in 1 piece.evelyn
Your icing needs to be thin so that it will adhere to the sides of the cake. When you start icing be sure that the first amount of icing touches the cake and keep your tip at about a 45 degree angle to allow the icing to constantly touch the cake. If it falls off then it is too stiff and needs to be thinned a little. It may be a trial and error thing until you find the correct consistency. I actually think it is easier to set a large glob of icing on top, near the...
Whenever I make anything out of RKT's I buy the treats from the store. They seem to work better for me than making them and I compress them tightly together into a large ball and then model what I want. When it is completed I cover the shape in melted chips or the candy wafers like Merckens or Wilton. This seems to help to make the object smoother and stay together. You could put some on your stick and then also spread some around where the stick goes into the object. ...
Wilton has a product that is something like white, white or a whitener for icing. I have used it on a wedding cake that had crusting cream cheese icing and of course it was Ivory and all the other tiers has white buttercream. You can add this to the icing and it will come out white and I don't think you can taste it. Also some one on here mentioned she puts a tiny bit of purple in the icing to make it white. I hope this has helped you!evelyn
If you did all the things like the recipe said or followed the one on the chocolate bar then it should turn out right. The cake is not a dense cake and it definitely tastes better the next day. The icing soaks into the cake and does make the cake denser, not so fluffy. German Chocolate is my absolute favorite cake. ;-evelyn
The next time she asks about you doing the cake with Angel Food cake like she wants I would tell her the chances of you doing it are "Slim to None and Slim just left" If she persists tell her you refuse to have the conversation with her and do not answer. evelynI forgot to add another saying, tell her the idea is like windshield wipers on a goat's hiney, it just won't work.
Kitagirl,I did not check out the recipe that you used, however, I have been making German Chocolate cake since I was a teenager, now I'm 62. I always use the recipe on the inside of the German Chocolate bar and when I do, I separate the eggs like it says and then at the end I whip the whites and fold them into the batter. I always use buttermilk also but, instead of fresh I use the canned powder mix. You can get it the cheapest at Wal Mart. I never toast the pecans or...
Put a flower nail on each end of the cake, where it would be the halfway mark of each 1/2 of the pan. Bake it at 325 until done, all ovens don't heat the same way. Just check it to see if it is done after about 50 min. evelynKhalstead, thanks for the tip on getting 2 flavors in the same pan. Tipping the pan, why didn't I think of that????
When I wrap and freeze I put my cakes into a clean trash bag and wrap the bag around the cakes to keep it secure. Maybe your cake was overcooked to begin with? I wrap and freeze all the time and from scratch or box the only time I have had a dry cake is when I over baked them. evelyn
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