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I am in the no can do boat!  I hate piping that's why I got the letters to cut out, yeesh, my piping words looks like a first grader did it. In fact, if I got a first grader to do it, it would probably turn out fine. 
Like NcLeora said, just ignore her as talking with her or conversing through email will probably send your blood pressure sky high!  Actually, she sounds as though she may be a client that will find little things that aren't correct and nit pick you to death.  As for her saying she would have provided you with a lot of business, doubt it.
I would freeze it well and then wrap dry ice in a big box, not sure though of what is used to protect the cakes from the dry ice.  I know it will make it up there and hopefully someone can tell what is used to do all this.
My apologies to any I may have offended.  I was just stating that clients can be rude in their arguments of not wanting fondant, not that any of us cakers are rude for suggestions that it would look better with it on there as the photo shows. Again, my apologies to anyone I offended.
On the day they are baked I wrap them in Saran and pop them in the freezer. Yes if baked and froze on Monday then I take out with plenty time for them to thaw, torte, fill and ice, and decorate of course.  If the filling needs refrigeration then I pop it back into the fridge.  If not then unless your room is extremely warm you can leave it set out.  If you want to put it in the fridge then go ahead, even if it has fondant on it.  Hopefully that clarified it for you. Sorry...
Put your ball cake together with the half line running horizontal, putting icing on 1/2 half to hold together.  I would cut a small slice off the bottom of 1/2 so it sits level and use a board for under it.  I would use a 6" board and 4 dowels under the board, and after you are ready to put the ball on you can ice the cake board or apply fondant to match your cake, if that is what you are using.  Which ever way you go, you can put a small border around your cake board as...
My suggestion is, 1) if your confectioners sugar is lumpy, sift it, 2) add your meringue powder into the bowl with the conf. sugar and just let it mix for a minute or so.  After doing this add the water and mix on low speed, if you have a stand mixer, for however many minutes it states.  If you have a hand mixer then mix on high for however many minutes, 10 I think. Good Luck
I'm sorry but I have to disagree.  I always wrap the cake, even for the night, when it is still warm on the cooling racks.  I wrap 1 side and flip it over and pull the wrap over the other side and edges.  The next day I take it out, ice and decorate, the cake stays fresh and develops a wonderful crumb.   Unless you have a filling that needs refrigeration then it is not necessary to put it back in the fridge, unless your house is extremely hot.  If you decide to put it in...
I love mine, have the double but have not used it as a double yet.  I love that you can cut your layers so straight that when you stack them I rarely have to try and straighten them to make level.  In fact I did a 3 layer baby shower cake this weekend and the only reason I had to do anything with it was due to the fact I had a big bag of sugar hit part of it.  Grrrr! You are going to love it!
Love all the suggestions, however, my favorite would be...... homemade caramels. Not sauce but actual caramels that you cut and wrap.   MMMMMM, I can taste them now.
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