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Another thing to think of besides your costs involved is are you able to sell product with alcohol either baked in or poured over. This not to get into a debate whether you are a legal business or not or under CFL but, under the  Florida CFL you can not sell anything with liquor in or on it. Something to research.
I just reread the rules and since it does say cardboard then I would use them and again they can be purchased in any one of the stores that were mentioned. If your cake fells heavy then double or triple stack the cake boards and then cover in the foil.  If you need square ones then purchase larger circles and cut the edges off to make them square.  Good luck!
I would stack at the venue and remember, under each cake you need a cake board with dowels under it so it can support each cake. It will probably need a center dowel or two to be sure the cakes stay in place. Post a photo!
If you buy your foam board at Michaels, Jo\OANNS or AC Moore they will cut it in the framing department and I have never paid anything for their service.  Good luck on your entries! 
1 cup of shortening weighs 6.50 ounces. I always weigh it out rather than measure, much easier so if you take 16 ounces divided by 6.5 a pound of shortening equals 2.46 cups. like I said, much easier to weigh it out and not as messy as trying to put it in a cup and then get it out.
I too am interested in seeing if anyone can give an answer to this.  I recently tried the regular icing recipe and loved it! All of my customers tried it on various goodies the last 2 weeks and they have said it is terrific. A neighbor said it tasted like an icing that an old bakery in her home town used to make. She said it brought back great childhood memories.   I hope someone can answer this for us.
Just because you weighed something does not mean that a cup actually weighs 8 ounces due to the density of items.  If you would like to cut everything down then figure out what half would be as far as weight and ounces of water.  Don't forget the oil too, not sure how much it weighs.  If you go to King Arthur Flour's site there is a weight chart that shows how much things weigh, like a cup of shortening only weighs 6.5 ounces ( think that it what it is). A very helpful...
Welcome Nikki, so glad you found this site and soon you will learn there is a wealth of knowledge here. Any questions or findings of your own don't be afraid to ask or share. We all have questions and thankfully there is usually someone on the site that can answer it for you and if not an exact answer, then you may be directed where to find what you are looking for. 
Caster sugar is very fine and when I have a recipe that calls for it I just run a bunch through either the blender of food processor, pulsing quite a few times.  Then I measure the amount.
I've never used this recipe before but, it looks similar to the one I make.  It looks quite goo and it should work for about anything.  Let us know how it turns out if you make it.
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