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I would put the wafer paper on the cake as the last thing. Wafer paper sort of dissolves into the icing the longer it sits on it , it will even start to ripple if it is a photo on the top.   I would wait until the cake is ready to go, leaving time enough to put the wafer paper on.  It will hold up better this way.
I love banana cake and have searched also for a great, not good, recipe. I am so glad to see this and can hardly wait to try it.  Going to the store and get a large bunch of bananas so I can eat some and leave the ones I need for the cake to really ripen. Like MBAlaska, Quite often members come up with so much that really help to make a huge difference in stacking, decorating or taste. Thank you everyone.
I second thecakewitch's answer.  I always use the melted chocolate to smooth any rice krispie modeling.
No eggs, just as I wrote originally and be sure to weigh everything.
Sorry but I misstated, instead of alcohol I should have stated liquor. I use both alcohol and liquor interchangeably.
Craftybanana, as I had stated yes no baked in or poured over.  They were stupid in my opinion when they threw that part of the law in too. 
I suggest purchasing Hi-Ratio shortening. LOTS BETTER than CRISCO!  I makes a difference in how your product will taste, baked goods, pie crust as well as icing.  You can order a 3# container to try it from most sites and it is even better to get a 50 pound box.  When I purchase this amount I cut it into squares, wrap and freeze until you need some more than what you have out already.  I pay about 77.00 for 50 lbs of Sweetex at Restaurant Depot or you can order it for a...
Another thing to think of besides your costs involved is are you able to sell product with alcohol either baked in or poured over. This not to get into a debate whether you are a legal business or not or under CFL but, under the  Florida CFL you can not sell anything with liquor in or on it. Something to research.
I just reread the rules and since it does say cardboard then I would use them and again they can be purchased in any one of the stores that were mentioned. If your cake fells heavy then double or triple stack the cake boards and then cover in the foil.  If you need square ones then purchase larger circles and cut the edges off to make them square.  Good luck!
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