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Mine is the 6" offset spatula also! In fact, I have used it for so long that I have a difficult time of telling if my icing is truly medium or thinner. If I swipe through the icing with it then I can determine the correct consistency, if not I tae somewhat of a chance. Crazy Huh?
I made the banana cake and everyone that I gave some to has said it is absolutely delicious!  So glad I saw it in the threads! 
Thanks for photos MBalaska.
If you use a pan larger than 8" you should also use at least 1 metal flower nail in the middle, upside down.  This acts to conduct heat to the middle in order to ensure the batter bakes at one time.  If you us a larger pan, 11x15 then you can put 2 in, 1 at each end in the half of the pan.  This helps get the cake nice and baked without the hard ends.  I also lower the temperature to 325 and bake a little longer, although I can not say how many more minutes it may need. ...
I have the double AgBay and I think it was the most amazing utensil that I could have spent that money. Actually, it was a Happy Divorce you jerk present to myself.  Which ever the way you get one, get ready to put that huge smile on your face!!!!! 
no, no, no, no, thank you  we're beginning to sound like Chip n Dale.  Have a great weekend K8memphis and all! 
K8memphis, thanks for posting about the weights on KAF. I have used it for years to figure out pricing on a lot of my products like scones, cakes and brownies for just a few.
Good morning everyone. I found this on a site that sends me email and thought it might help some bakers, cake or otherwise.  I have often said to weigh everything as you go due to the fact that manufacturers do not always make the cups and measuring spoons accurately. They often do not contain an accurate weight of water for example. Anyway I hope this helps:   How do you tell if your cups are accurate?   Grab a kitchen scale. A cup of water weighs eight ounces. If it...
Just went out to threelittleblackbirds to look at everything but, their domain expired on 8/31 and it is no longer there. sigh
If you are using that particular cream cheese icing then no it does not, as long as you do not have a filling that may need refrigeration.  Cake sounds good.
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