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I have the double AgBay and I think it was the most amazing utensil that I could have spent that money. Actually, it was a Happy Divorce you jerk present to myself.  Which ever the way you get one, get ready to put that huge smile on your face!!!!! 
no, no, no, no, thank you  we're beginning to sound like Chip n Dale.  Have a great weekend K8memphis and all! 
K8memphis, thanks for posting about the weights on KAF. I have used it for years to figure out pricing on a lot of my products like scones, cakes and brownies for just a few.
Good morning everyone. I found this on a site that sends me email and thought it might help some bakers, cake or otherwise.  I have often said to weigh everything as you go due to the fact that manufacturers do not always make the cups and measuring spoons accurately. They often do not contain an accurate weight of water for example. Anyway I hope this helps:   How do you tell if your cups are accurate?   Grab a kitchen scale. A cup of water weighs eight ounces. If it...
Just went out to threelittleblackbirds to look at everything but, their domain expired on 8/31 and it is no longer there. sigh
If you are using that particular cream cheese icing then no it does not, as long as you do not have a filling that may need refrigeration.  Cake sounds good.
quote from paperfishies; I really like Woodland's bakery SMBC...It's like the perfect mix between american buttercream and SMBC.   I agree with paperfishies. I love her recipe, my daughter had her recipe for the first time ever and she loved, loved it.  Remember, you can put all kinds of add ins to this icing type also. Torani Coffe syrups are really good, fresh berries, good jam, whatever you desire.
farenheit, I would not use Royal Icing on BC as the shortening, butter will make it become very soft and dissolve. Grease breaks it down and thus it would end up very ugly. Even if you used Cornelli or Sotas on your cold cake.  I would use royal icing on fondant though as it does not have grease to break it down.  Lots of great ideas have been given to try a little of everything to see what works for you. Good Luck!
  Cornelli lace does take a long time to do and I agree with DeniseNH as far as coloring the icing.  I would not use Royal Icing unless it was on fondant as it will melt on a cake that large on top of BC.  How Cornelli is done is to use a thin consistency icing and a tip 3.  To make the lace you make m's. You make them in any direction and the lines never touch or cross over each other. As you look you will have the humps of the m's stretched out, sort of cradled close to...
I'll second all the discussions so far. The U.S. uses inches and I'm glad as I never caught onto the CM stuff. Also hated ribbon did not match up to drums but, thank you for your idea winniemog.  It is a good day... learned something new! 
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