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Wow! This could be kinda life changing for me. LOL I make a lot of cookies. Thanks!!!
Marshmallow fondant is yummy! I've never tried it on cookies but I am sure I'd love it. I am in love with using royal icing. I just enjoy the process as well as the taste. I always flavor it. Flooding the cookies is my favorite part.
Exactly what lovelyladylibra said! I've done it that way a few times with no problems. They're pretty safe that way but it's still so nerve wracking. I breathe much easier once they arrive.
I am so bummed that I can't easily get to my favorite photos. I got there magically once but can't seem to find them again. I guess I was just clicking around and got there by accident.... I know that change takes time to get used to. I've been on a lot of different sites/message boards, etc and I've adjusted to many makeovers. But I go through my favorites almost daily!
I just ordered one online to make my son's birthday cake. I was just wondering if the dome cake pan is a regular sized cake? If I use a cake mix, will one box suffice? Thanks!
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