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Are you looking for something like this: with the roads supported by RKT instead of being carved out of your cake?
I'm preparing to do some figure modeling (people) for a cake I'm making for my husband. I've never really done it before, so I have some questions.First, it better to paint your figures, or knead the color into the fondant (excluding the small details like facial features)?Secondly, is it better to mold the people out of one piece of fondant, or to make the parts (head, torso, limbs) separately and somehow connect them?Thirdly, if you mold the pieces separately, how do you...
I stirred it up with a spoon, which broke up a lot of the cherries. I figured it'd be too messy to try cutting them individually.
I recently made a chocolate cake with cherry pie filling and it was delicious!
Yep, cover the top with one color, then wrap around the sides with the other. To wrap it, if you have someone who can help you could roll and cut it to the proper length, then lightly roll it up on the rolling pin. From there, hold the pin upright next to the cake. One person slowly unrolls the fondant while the other smooths it into place.
Would a 4-6-8 get her closer to 60 servings?
Does it say "Sell By" or "Use By"?If it's sell by, it's fine. If it's use by, I personally wouldn't. But I am the paranoid type when it comes to expiration dates.
Hehe that's what went through my head to Some people are just so clueless.I had a couple come in at the grocery store bakery I used to work for. It was about 20 minutes to closing. They wanted a cake for the next morning, for half an hour after we opened. And they wanted tiers (which we didn't do) and lots of extravagant details. It was the sort of cake that would have taken at least 6 hours, not including bake time.When told no, they seemed to honestly not understand why...
To be safe, you can just put a thin layer of white buttercream or fondant over the area where the image will be.
It's just a matter of knowing what keywords to use. I searched "cheerleader drawings" and "cheerleader clipart" and this is what I...
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