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That sounded like a very good idea.Just try it out.I would love to try it my self
You did great. And think to get it ready in so short time. But we all learned a lesson here. I have allways been afraid for this to happend, so the date has been a part of my orderlist. And spesially since I have a lot of other language speaking peoples.But I am not so shure I would give her a big discount. But for your feeling, I think you did right.If there is something wrong, she will sure call you. Just live it would be my thought.
yes, I will go up in price when I use fondant. Never tried royal for covering yet.
As I live in norway, I do all my spesial orders from London, UK. Thats right, some of the luster dust and colours is not eatable. I supose they are used for cold porcalain. (or what ist called).Just see that you order the eatable one, and you have no problem.Good luck.Elin
That is so great. And how lovely it feels to get an order. And you even got two...Keep going girl.... Elin
I have been away from you all for a little while. My mum have been for a visit and kept me buissy.You have all been buissy too I have seen. Thats so great. Keep up the good work. I will have to use some hours to night to get back in updating on this page.
Bless you. You are absolutly not alone.I know just how you feel. And your feeling are not at all wrong. They are real and they cant be controled.I have a couples of friends like that. The worst part is one of them takes credit of my works.She made a homepage, and put some of my pc in it, as if she have done them. I told her last week she have to move them and give me the credit. She did so, but without any happiness. I get very crancy when this tings happens.But the real...
To bad about your cinnamon extract. I think you are just to use just a drop or two. I also have some essenses that I only use two drops. If I use more I will kill the teast it self. I love cinnamon. Use it every day. In some cakes and a lot of food. As it is good for the heart and the blood. (but I use only fresh, not extract.)
Welcome to our world of wonders .I am 33 and have two boys, 8 and 11.Exited to see and here more from you.
Hi Kimberly.Very happy to have you here. VELCOME. I am not so old in this page my self, but have felt welcome from the first moment.To get ideas and help this site is really great. You will soon find out. And for your husbond, he must just get used to eat a lot of cake. I hope he loves cake. Love to see and hear more from you. Elin
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