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If you truely do enjoy doing cake then do it for you. I have found that when I do a cake that makes me happy, others will see it and be like.. OMG! I want one! and bam... there you go! I hope that if this is something you truely enjoy that you will find that passion no matter if you have people at your door or not. Happy Baking!! Kim ps... feel better soon!!!
You are going to have so much fun doing this! the shower I did the cake for used baby roses in pinks and other flowers in whites to give it that vintage look along with the muted colors. Can't wait to see how you do the cake! Kim
Well, I have frozen a cake that had ice cream filling and buttercream frosting. It was all buttercream and did just fine. I would think you could thaw it in it's wrapping and you would be ok. I'm curious to see how it turns out for you.. .good luck!Kim
I use buttermilk and liquid coffee creamer as the liquids in my cakes and never put them in fridge. Just wrap them if you dont have them frosted so they stay fresh. hth, Kim
I let my fondant covered cakes sit for about an hour before stacking them and doing anything with them. When I apply cutouts onto the cake I usually go about an 1/8th ... I try not to get it too think but dont want it so thin that you can see thru it.. lol! hth! Kim
Well, if you already have the sheet cake done... can you take the hearts and make them into the shape of a schoolhouse? Are they small enough that you can do something like that? then just put grass around it for the yard, a sun, clouds... I can picture it, but not sure if it makes sense. Good luck, I'm sure what ever you do will be appreciated!! Kim
ok so i just did a baby shower cake for a vintage shower.. they used a taupe coloring but you can do blk/whi easy! they took old kiddie books from like thrift stores and cut the pages into flags and made a banner to go round the room. It was soo cute! they wanted daisies on the cake so I did muted colors in taupes and browns to match. You could use the carraige cutter and do a vintage blk/white with that and do cutout flowers layered in blk/white... I hope I'm making...
I love using lemon to create a Strawberry Lemonade! I also do vise versa...
I've done a barnyard, take a look at my photos... I did a square cake and then piped a fence around it... have also made a John Deere tractor. I have carved with WASC and had no problems either. Good Luck!!! hth, Kim
I am going to throw in Strawberry Lemonade!! I have made lemon cake and put a strawberry filling in it.. it was yummy!! You can also do that vice-versa! I use a lil of the Torani syrups to make it extra lemony and then I use the mexican cans of strawberry nectar in the strawberry cake as the liquid.... quite yummy!! hth, Kim
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